Friday, March 8, 2013

Trash to Treasure $2 Easter Plates

See the bunny?  See the black bunny?  See the black bunny hop!  Pollyanna loves the black bunny ... she uses him a lot.  She is thankful to  Karen at Graphics Fairy who introduced her to the black bunny.

This was a super simple craft ... I printed off the bunnies, cut them out and glued them on by painting the backs with Tacky Glue thinned a bit, being careful not to disturb the water based ink on the front.  I let them dry then sprayed them 3 times with a high gloss finish.

The plates are actually going home with me, but since I had just put together this great black and pastel booth last week, I thought they would look great on the pink and black table ... isn't it just too charming? (For you locals, its in the north Treasures antique mall.)
Thanks for coming along to check out my latest cheap craft ... the plates were 75 cents each at a thrift store, so I think we can safely call it a two dollar craft!


  1. Seriously cute! And that table! Love it!

  2. Those plates are the perfect shade of pink...I used to call it "Sascha Pink" because it was the color I used to make my daughter's baby quilts and etc. The black bunnies are the icing on the cake!

  3. Another adorable project Paula! Love those black trays too. That rectangle shaped one still there and if so how much? Mimi

    1. It was a great one, thirty bucks, but it did sell. Sorry, I have another that is very similiar and would be the same price. Email me if you want me to bring it into the store and put it one hold for you ... though I know its a long drive. :-)

  4. These are darling! Who makes those ruffled pink check plates? I've never seen any like them.