Monday, August 26, 2013

The American Homemaker's Canned Ham Trailer!

 What a fun Saturday I had ... Angie, the American Homemaker, premiered her canned ham trailer!!  All pink and turquoise and wonderful ... the perfect vintage traveling booth space and she is coming to flea.o.logy this Saturday!!! 

I adore her creative ceiling ... all covered with old fabrics and embroidered linens ... then decoupaged in place!!  What a creative girl, is our Angie!

 Doesn't it just take you back?  It does me for sure ... love the deco lines and especially the pink appliances ...
And she was serving fun and funky Hors d'Oeuvres from those old black and white cooking brochures that your see from the fifties ... the pictures are always black and white and nothing looks tasty ... but add some color and these ribbon sandwiches, green olive poppers, and maraschino cherry filled cooling were quite a hit!  I am personally a huge fan of ribbon sandwiches, and even served them at my wedding ...