Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Historic Karolineburg Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Kajaani, Finland

Here we are again, blogging from Finland.  This past week we traveled north from Helsinki as far as the Arctic Circle.  We were visiting the apartments of younger missionaries, to make sure that they have everything they need and to do small repairs.

The country side her is beautiful, like one enormous National Park. 

 Traveling was wonderful ... on the way down from Rovaneimi to Kajanni we saw well over a hundred reindeer.  We've not sure what brought so many out of the woods to the road side to eat, but we were so glad they did.  We came upon on herd of about 6 on the road, and had to slowly weave between them.

In Kajaani (pronounced Kah-yahn-ee)we found that our hotel (always booked by the best available price on line)happened to be in this historic mansion, the Karolineburg.  The largest home ever built in Kajaani. It was built in 1836, by an older man for his new twenty something bride, Karoline.

The rooms are furnished mostly with nicely done reproduction furniture, and it is comfortable and beautiful.

 This beautiful, antique Swedish Mora Clock was my personal favorite in the amazing manse.

This spiral stair case led up to our room ... and I thought this happy vine laden plant was astonishing.  But then I am finding that the Finnish people love plants and their homes are filled with them.

This interesting sculpture of a headless turkey wins the prize for the absolutely most perplexing piece on site.
 Here is hubs, ensconced at the dresser with his lap top.

The next morning breakfast was all laid out.  The main floor of the Inn is made up entirely of dining rooms.  They can seat 100 people.  What an amazing place to host a wedding party.

The estate includes more rooms in this second house, as well as old barns and sheds, which are used for storage. They are all stand in a large square, and the entire effect is charming.  I see these old wood houses through out the country, and once in a while I get to enter one.  There was an ice cream parlor, a thrift store and another that was an antique shop, but I was thrilled to get to spend the night inside one.  All of these 1800's wooden structures are protected by antiquity laws.  I have great respect for a country that so honors its own heritage. They are amazing.

 This property goes down to the Kajaani river, in which a castle was built on an island starting in 1604.  The ruins of the castle are still there, in fact the bridge from one side of the town to the other runs right across the ruins.  The castle held two records for European castles in its day.  It was the smallest stone castle in Europe and the furthest north. 

What an amazing property.  We hope to get chance to go back for another stay before we head home next spring.


  1. Hi Paula, I really have enjoyed following you while you are on your amazing mission. My ancestors are all from the Nordic countries and would would love to visit some of those amazing places that you have been. So experiencing them through your eyes is a great opportunity for me. This B&B is more like a mansion! It's so beautiful!
    Have a great successful day!
    xoxo Jo

    1. I'm also Nordic, being half Norwegian, so its been extra fun. Thanks for following, and for your comments. I've loved reading your blog as well. Your new place is fantastic, and I can tell you are having so much fun decorating it.

  2. Thank you for posting some photos of your stay in Finland. I have followed your blog for a few years and always enjoy your news and adventures. Carry on with your lovely work and stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you, its so fun to imagine friends sharing the fun. Merry Christmas!