Friday, September 27, 2013

Doll House Festival in Provo

 Yep, its another fun project for charity ... and this charity actually breaks my heart ... its the Children's Justice Center, and they have a doll house festival every fall, along with a masquerade ball!
The money they make goes to help pay for counseling for children who have been abused.  So sad, but such a great reason to raise money.

Here the link for the whole festival, with more pictures, including lots of pictures of the haunted house.

 This year our service group, We Can, agreed to help out by making a doll house.  Such a fun project.  I have shown you some close ups of each room. 
The wall papers, and the kitchen floor are scrapbook papers that have been decoupaged in place.
The pictures on the walls and the clock in the kitchen are all from Graphics Fairy and are also decoupaged in place.
'We Can' paid for the doll house, Ardis bought some furniture on line to help furnish it, and Paulette helped by the cutting the papers to fit the walls.

 I took it to the Provo Library and set it up on Thursday, and plan to go back with the We Can girls on Saturday.  There are some other pretty awesome houses that I will share with you all next Monday.
Thanks for stopping by to check out this great cause.  If you are local, the doll house festival at the Provo Library is open from 10 until 8 today (Friday) and will be open from 10 to 4 Saturday, the 28th.  There is a gift shop full of craft goodies to purchase as well.


  1. I love dollhouses! Is anyone doing a "haunted house?" Something like Kim K's haunted doll house would be so cool to see up close. I look forward to more pics! =D

  2. What a charming dollhouse your group has created for a wonderful cause!

  3. I love what you have done. You should come show off your creativity at our link party.
    The party will not be the same without you!