Friday, September 13, 2013

Expanding My White Booth at Treasures Antiques

My love affair with white continues, this week I moved my white booth from a half size booth to a full size ...

 and loved every minute of it. ....

I was surprised how fast it filled up ... now I am back to creatively squeezing in more white deliciousness.
And here is my vintage bunting sign ... again.

 The sweet tall screened cupboard was a find on Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks on Face Book!  Such talented ladies with such great stuff ...
Thanks for dropping by to share the white!


  1. Love it all Paula! I need to get down to Treasures for some more swag...maybe this coming week!

  2. Beautiful! I admire your sticktoitness. I can intend to do something like stick to one color scheme, but before you know it I've drifted away.