Thursday, June 25, 2015

Charming Older Homes!

I've been having fun the last few weeks on my Instagram account; flea.o.logy, putting up pictures of old houses around where I live. 
This is the first one, it's the former antique store here in town. 
This cute house has had some neglect. It was tricky to find an angle that showed its charm without its issues. 
This nice old church is in the town south of ours and is now the city library. I love that . 
I adore this one, it was redone 20 years ago and the current residents have kept it up. 
Love, love, love this wonderful porch. 
This wonderful house is owned by people who love to garden, can you tell.  
These are pictures I expect to post soon.  
I love the Hollyhocks at this pioneer era home.   I love old houses, so living here in this charming old town has been super fun. Most of these pictures were taken early in the morning while I'm walking with my friend Ginny.  Hey, my girls had a doll by that name!!


  1. Paula, I just love the pioneer homes, Bountiful is full of them to and I just have to get a shot of them once in a while. Have a great weekend. Jo

    1. Thanks Jo. Nice to know I have kindred spirits out there!! My love of old houses has done so much to shape my life!