Friday, June 12, 2015

Fixing Up My Garden.

This morning I knew I needed to blog, I checked out several things on Pinterest I had saved and plan to do, but something kept nagging me.    My garden needed help. So, instead of crafting on this beautiful June day, I worked on garden projects, and thought I share some solutions. 
This is my garden entrance. I've been thrilled with how happy my planters are, owing to a wet spring. (The same wet spring that rained out Fleaology twice!!  So you see, there is a silver lining) 
Just thought I'd share this sweet bird sculpture by my cherry tomato plant, (that will give me my first and earliest ever tomato on June 13th!! )
My Jupiter's Beard was falling down, I'd already attempted to wire it to a bird stake, but that clumped the flowers unattractively. Then I saw this fence section in my garage ... And voila!! 
This is sad, 3/4 of my wisteria vine died. It was alive in early May, then the leaves shriveled and died. Fortunately one section lived, but I do see some serious pruning in my near future!! 
This herb bed has been bothering me for a couple of years. It's become mainly a mint bed, along with its cousin, lemon balm. I love herb tea, but who needs that much mint? The two herbs have crowded out everything except a sage plant in the far corner.  I've considered killing it all and starting over, but decided to try adding a couple of herbs, and then trying to protect them from the bully herbs. 
I cut the bottom out of this large plastic pot, to use as a barrier for ...
a lavendar plant. (At the tea house in the
 Japanese  tea gardens in San Antonio last month I tried a blend of peppermint, rose petals, lavendar and chamomile, it was so fragrant!) then I pulled out mint from around the sage plant. Now I have a camomile plant, my friend Ginny shared from her garden and will put it in the last corner of the bed as soon as I can find a square pot to sink in as a barrier for it! 
The letters on my Chawton cottage sign had mostly fallen off.  Unfortunately the a was missing.  So today I took it down, painted the signboard and traced around the metal letters before painting new letters on the sign. This is the 3rd year for my garden house and it's third sign.  I hope this one is more durable. 
       Thanks for visiting my garden!! 


  1. I envy people who can get down and garden. I used to love to work in the flower beds, but bad knees make it too difficult. But I can enjoy your garden vicariously...which is a lot less work! =D

    1. Thanks Shirley ... I don't do much on my knees, I'm more of a bender, if that makes sense. Fun to see you at the flea market, and LOVE you sunflower!!

    2. Thanks Shirley ... I don't do much on my knees, I'm more of a bender, if that makes sense. Fun to see you at the flea market, and LOVE you sunflower!!

  2. Too funny as at first I thought it was a cemetery! I don't know where you live but it also looks like a formal garden from Charleston or New Orleans. It is absolutely gorgeous and looks like as estate. Were those brick pillars there or did you build them? Your garden house is precious and the best looking one I've ever a little train station. I am a VERY big fan of Pollyanna and the "glad game". That's how I try to live my life. Also, I am like you in that I have so many interests I am torn as in what direction to go! Ain't life grand? Have a glorious day/week/year!

    1. I actually live in Utah, and we did build the brick pillars, thanks for thinking they looked aged, that was what we are going for, We collected old iron mismatched fencing sections
      , then put them together with the pillars, still a work in process! Fun that you love Pollyanna too! Because I also love Dr. Suess, from whom I assume your moniker comes.