Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Celebrating Our New Master Suite!

We had our open house and tea party last weekend. 
We spent almost a month on finishing touches for our attic to master suite transition .... And here it is.  We finished putting together my favorite detail, the ref and white table, shown above this week. 
I redid my library shelf that morning. 
This rendition on my circus grouping added the banner.  
We spent the entire week before redoing our small guest bedroom, which was a mess of damaged flooring under tacky carpet and holes in the walls and ceiling. This is the new floor. 
Here it is with the furnishings. 
My valentines decor was finally tweaked to its finish ...,
Party decor in place and 
Cookies baked ...  So let the partying begin. 
These girls are art group, antiqueing and witch party friends. 
A couple from church and an antique show dealer and friend. 
More church friends and on the right the fun girl who loaned us her hubs to do the sheet rock in the attic. 
Here's my hubs back left with our bestest couple friends, minus the other wife behind the camera. 

So below are the final pics of our sweet master suite. 
This is your first view as you walk out of the stairwell. 
Turning to your right ...
Turning further right, now the entry door is just to the right, with a glimpse into the bed area on the left. 
A detail of the shadow box I did for my father years ago, the perfect color scheme! 
The Ute Indians are the mascots of the U of U, so I thought this silhouette lamp was perfect. 
Moving into the bed area now. 
A view of the bathroom and closet doors. 
The bed niche.  
The French doors that lead to the 8 by 8 balcony. 
Entering the bathroom. 
The linen press ...
The sink... 
And looking back into the bed niche. Thanks for coming along on the final tour!! 


  1. RED and WHITE!!!! Be still my heart!! I so LOVE it!! So charming and inviting!!


  2. The entire upstairs was so charming. Love, love the new master suite and library shelf!! And I am still craving those cookies!! YUM! I'll be sharing in a post soon.

  3. Hi Paula, you are so very, very talented! I love what you have done with your master suite. It's amazingly beautiful. Please come over to SYC Thursday and share this post. I want everyone to see hoe fabulous these rooms are. Have a great day! xx Jo

  4. Hi there! I came over by way of Jann's blog and I'm so glad.

    I love every single thing you did in that room! The collected doors, the red and white, the vintage items...it's all just perfect and fun and inviting. :)