Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kim's Unsurpassable Valentines Tea.

Had so much fun at Kim's Valentines tea on Thursday. I went with Katie and Sherri and ran into my friend Christine! 
Here I am with the supreme high Queen of Hearts -hostess!  We call her Kim for short. 

Her holiday Decor is always stunning. This is the cute pink cupboard she bought at my last Fleaology sale!! 
So many sweet things, I love this glittered tag board basket! 
And how sweet are these chairs .,. 
I want to sit here and giggle and gossip with Kim for hours!!  She so makes me feel a fraction of my actual age.  
And going to her house... 
Is like a trip to wonderland!  Or is it Oz?  
Should I have worn ruby slippers? 

Thanks so much for the invite Kim!  I had soooo much fun! 


  1. Loved seeing Kim's Holiday decor!! So pretty and it looks like all had a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!


  2. So sad that I missed it! Everything looks delightful. She is the Queen of Hearts!