Friday, October 7, 2016

Sweet Gatherings -Vintage Goodness

I've been hearing good things about Sweet Gatherings in Roosevelt for years. 
But have never made the ambitious trek ...
As it turns out I should have. 
They came to the Vintage Whites Show last month and brought ....
Lots of fabulous goodies!  
A few Fleaology dealers have been involved in the occasional sale, but ...
I had no idea how amazing they'd be! 

Every inch was indeed sweet ...
And fun too!! 
Of course I was sucked in by their color scheme ...
How awesome is this 'hooped skirt' mannequin. 
And this bench ...
Absolutely enchanting right down to the details!! 
I loved it all.  
What talented girls they are! 
I definitely plan to go in the spring of 2018 ... Definitely something to look forward to, right?! 

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  1. Nice images, antique and old places are always fun to explore, I too like to go on such missions but I am never free for that, glad you are.