Friday, October 7, 2016

Paula and Wendy go to Vintage Whites

Wendy and I had our last Hurrah at Vintage Whites. 
Our friend Jenn put together the entrance to the show!!  I loved it. 
Here's a fun choppy portrait of talented Jenn.
And her booth ...
I'm always fond of bits and 
And more clocks ... 
And here we are!  Ready to check out the rest of the show! 

A wash tub fountain that Wendy had to fight herself to leave behind.  

We always love Clam and Margo's goodies!! 

This was a new booth that I quite liked. 
How charming is this? 
And that ...
And this too ...
And there's more. 
Running into dealers I know is half the fun. 
Here's some shots from Cathy and Heidi's  space. 
I always drool over striped suitcases. 
And old lace ... 
And door knobs too.  
Mmmmm more lace!! 
More fun! 
The show was fabulous!  I'm so glad they  held it before it was. time for me to leave . 
me to leave!! 


  1. I didn't get to go this time...but it's sure fun to see your pictures. I am sure going to miss you!

  2. Oh God is so wish i could fly and reach this Vintage white market right now. All these pictures take me back to the beautiful novels i have read about the old times and the country side. Thank you for sharing all this amazing stuff that have disappeared with time.