Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chalkboard/Magnetboard in an Antique Frame!!

 Recycle Old Items into Something Useful
Well, here I am halfway through the project, with no actual before pictures, but perhaps you can imagine these three antique frames, two of them from old dressers and one an old mirror frame in the original shabby condition they were in prior to these pictures. 
You Can Do It Yourself, Just:
1. Remove mirror.
2. Strengthen and repair frame if needed.

3. Use mirror as a template to cut Masonite board.
4. Paint frame (3 coats of white spray enamel)
5. Install board in frame (Next time I would paint them first)
6. Paint interior with 3 coats of magnetic primer. (spendy but very cool!)
7. Paint interior with enough coats of black board paint  to cover.
8. Put hanging wire on back, if there is not one.
9. Prime chalk board by rubbing all over with side of a stick of chalk and erase.
10. Add cute magnets and write the message of your choice on the board.
Here we see the completed magnet/chalk board at the Acorn Antique Show in Ogden, Utah this past weekend where it got a lot of positive attention, though I suspect that it mostly inspired folks to go home, with plans for a board of their own ... :-)  I mean, what junker doesn't have an amazing old mirror or large picture frame tucked away somewhere.

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