Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lunch with My Antiqueing Friends!! Plus Fabby Decor!!

After two years of getting together with antiquing friends for lunch on a rotating basis we have possibly had our last luncheon this past week, it was at Marci's house, hosted by our friend Dorothy.  Now you might expect, by her name, that her house flew away to somewhere over the rainbow, which prevented her hosting at her own charming home.  However weather related it might be, the wind did not pick her house up and spin it away, it just knocked over the carport into her house, causing a huge crack and lots of renovation. 
 Fortunately Marci was good enough to step in and provide a location for the get together.  I always love going to Marci's which you already know if you have read much on my blog.  This wonderful 'ohh la la' mannequin always makes me smile.  I love the puffy pinned up skirt it makes one think of the Moulin Rouge.

Here we see the mannequin in her element in front of  Marci's most recent project, a decoupaged screen, which she cut out of plywood, hinged and decoupaged  with the pages and pictures of old books. 

Marci's vignettes are always charming and unexpected.  She mixes textures, graphics, found items and repurposed items, gathering them together in bold arrangements.

These include numbers from an old cash register, a camera, game pieces, a gauge, a flute, silhouettes, clocks and a rubber stamp.

The black and white boxes on the left, above, one round and one square, were actually gifts to Marci from a devoted friend, me!  I feel honored that they have made the cut several times.  I also love how Marci has used them in this vignette.

Her use of old books without their covers juxtapositioned with a wonderful crusty crown is stunning.
 And now after all the eye candy, and the sense of visual satiation, its time to take care of our tummies. 
And a special thank you to my dear friends who have made this luncheon group something to happily anticipate.  They are Dorothy, Stacy, Marci, Michelle and Wendy.


  1. It was fun! Nice pics are turning into an amazing blogger! (*_*) xo

  2. It was fun. And very good. I enjoyed the afternoon.