Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hey Meester Did We Miss Easter?

 Nope, We had Easter, and a rather festive day it was.  What I missed was blogging about it in the midst of everything else that was happening.  Fortunately I took pictures and have a few minutes this morning to play catch up.  

Rui (pronounced Roo-ee), who is our Japanese exchange student, and I had a lot of fun doing the Easter eggs.  I found a method for leaving designs on eggs at a blog I love to frequent in their 'I Did It Wednesdays' section. One writes or draws on the cool egg with a glue gun, then dyes the egg, removing the glue residue when the eggs is dry.

 Here we see Rui posing with some of the eggs in a new version of an 'egg cup'!
Of course when there's eggs there is bound to be an egg hunt and this year it is possible that we had our worst egg hunt ever. In fact we could dub this year as 'Rui and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Egg Hunt Day'.  It wasn't Rui fault, mind you,  but it will be her only Easter with us, and this is her egg hunt memory with the Perkins.  First of all we had exactly 'One' grandchild of ten to participate and she is our oldest at age 12.  Our 9 year old grandson is not as social as his sister and opted to stay home.  Our other grand kids in the area had planned to be here before it got dark but got held up at other festivities.  Thus we had to rush the hunt as it was getting dark, and just at dusk a storm came up, so my 'children' and their spouses (ages 23 to 32) along with Rui (16) and Kim (12) ran through the dark and sleet dutifully collecting eggs that two of them had just 'hidden'.  Ah well, I guess it was a historic hunt anyway, as in one we won't be able to forget, and look how happy those hunters look!! Above we see my son Davin (through his egg bag) with his wife and her 'basket'!

 This of course is our one bonafide 'Grandchild' collector, Kim, who is always, always a good sport!!
                                                                     These egg hunters include my oldest and youngest participating children.  Darby at 32 and Rebecca at 23!

Of course baby play is always a fun part of any gathering as these two cousins get a chance to get better acquainted.  They are the oldest, Elias and youngest, Titan of our three grand babies that were born in six weeks back in the fall of last year. (with Grandpa Scott and Uncle Sam as props!)

Of course Easter dinner is a must with Ham, Funeral Potatoes and the one thing I make that ever gets compliments, my homemade rolls.

And below we see my two cute daughters-in-law in their matching spring greens.

Of course my favorite part of any family get together is the sitting around visiting part, is anyone who knows me actually surprised by that?

And look at the cute Easter outfits that Eleanor and Eva came to charm with.

All in all we had a delightful Easter evening, though we missed our daughter Brittany and her boys for the first time at Easter, as they have recently moved to Idaho and were enjoying their own celebrations there without us. (Though fortunately their other Grandparents were able to drive north to enjoy the 'spring orb' festival in Twin!!)

Rui will definitely have 'memories' of her Easter with us, but next year she is sure to have the BEST Easter ever as she will be living with the Best Family.  Not that we are not the best in many ways, its just that our family name is Perkins, and her new host family's name is the Bests.  Luckeeeee! (and they really are great people!)

Last of all, we will rely on the Easter fairy, seen below with her crown and magic wand, to bring us some better weather and maybe even more grand children to enjoy the festivities with us..    Happy Easter a Month Late!!


  1. You always make everything look like so much fun Paula! You are the Queen! ~Stacy~ xo

  2. Our age range was a bit bigger than you said as I am only 22 and would not like to gain a year in my life until August.

  3. Dang, I keep forgetting that... I just use the years to figure age , gotta quit that!!