Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Baby Shower, Toxic Spill, Fine Dramatics, 'Seafood' and Morning Glory Too!!

Come along on a tour of my strange and yet amazing week!!

 Here we are at my house for my friend Suzanne's baby shower "book club style'.  Suzanne is a member of the Walden Ladies Book Club and is expecting a baby next month.  There were only four of us who had the space in their busy summer schedules, but several others sent gifts and we had a great time discussing the small children and babies who appear in the book 'Sense and Sensibility' which we were reading in honor the fact that it was first published 200 years ago this year.  Did you know that there are two babies born during narration of the book? 

Since I don't have a picture of the 'toxic spill' I thought this one would do well to illustrate.  This is actually Spencer and his companion 'showing' the treats they received at Sister Mortenson's this week. (thanks for the pics Vicki!!)

The toxic spill refers to the 'Christening' of our new van, not with the traditional bottle of champagne, but with a gallon of paint, which is really much more applicable to my life anyway.  My friend Wendy and I were out 'junquing' and we had picked up a partial gallon of paint for a remodel project, the likes of which we are ever doing.  A quick stop sent it tumbling and the lid came off.  I have never been so thankful that I insist on vinyl flooring in my vans ...  thankfully Wendy's daughter lived just 5 minutes from the 'spill' location, and was willing to donate a towel for rags.  What a memory!!

That evening we had the pleasure of attending the Payson Community Theater's production of Jekyll and Hyde.  It was amazingly well done, but then my friend Suzanne (of the 'going to have a baby next month' fame) is a real theater geek and sang it's praises, then Wendy (of 'spilled paint' fame) went and concurred.  Now I can tell you how well done it was as well.  My DH, a knowledgeable chorus man, said he thought that the lead was 'Broadway Class'.  Wow!!  I thought he was good, and the intimate small theater made his voice feel absolutely intense, but my husband's praises impressed even me, the non-musical one in our family!

Above we are shown with two of the three leads in the play.  Scott is with Stan Peck on the left, (Stan was the Foreign Exchange coordinator when we had our Darling Danny from the Netherlands) and on the right I am with Perry and Carrisa Ewell, who we knew as newlyweds, in our congregation in Orem almost 20 years ago.  I remember hearing that they had met on stage, but didn't realize it was on the PCT stage!!  Very fun!!
Last of all I wanted to show you the morning glory that is dressing up my garden this year.  These were volunteers, self seeded from last year, and I love them.  Of course I am always impressed by volunteers of any kind.  Thank you happy flowers!!

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