Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Quick Working Vacation in Idaho

Recipe for a quick and successful move, in state of course.

1.  Take one young mother whose husband in already working in the new location.
2. Add her devoted and hard working father for two days.
3. Don't forget to throw in her mother.  Mothers are always good for taking pictures, toting boxes and entertaining grandkids.

4. One smart and capable kid, Kai in this case, to take charge of things.
5.  A local service oriented work crew of four*, if available, for that capable kid to boss around. In this case Mormon missionaries were perfect to muscle in the big stuff. (plus a million and a half boxes.)
6. One younger brother in training, yep Alex is ready to be taught!  In this case to learn how to disconnect electronics and stow chords.

(Well maybe next time, there is that learning curve after all, and there was the grandma to tidy up the mountains of wire from the computer set ups, so its good.)

7. Oh, and its always good if you have someone on the crew with good spacial ability*.  The Elders asked Scott if he was really good at Tetris.  Nope, just lots of experience packing up his favorite antique dealer for shows.

8. A lively pair of lively boys to keep exhausted Grandpa awake on the two hour drive from Twin Falls to Nampa.

9. A few minutes in the shade for the main mover to regain his strength, while awaiting the key.

10. Instant friends* next door to keep those lively boys occupied.

11. Finally, a crew of 6 new neighbors* ready and willing to help!!  I loved it when new neighbor Jess was hauling boxes into the house, while holding his cell phone with his shoulder, calling other neighbors to come and help too. "Its right across from my house!"

Yield:  With the help of all those great charitable types, we managed to load, drive two hours, and unload all in one day.  In this case the happy recipe ended up with results that served many!! A Special Thanks to the Missionaries and to Britt's new neighbors!

Oh, and a happy side benefit to all the help was that Scott and I were able to get back to Utah in time to stop in Highland and help celebrate the return of our good friend Daniel (shown here with his mother, Robin, and me.) who just got back from Russia last week, after two years of humanitarian work there.  Hmmm I wonder if he ever helped anyone move?

*These ingredients are rare and precious.  They make truffles seem common by comparison, and you don't need a pig to sniff them out, usually.


  1. That's my Paula...always on the move!!! xoxo

  2. Where in Boise are they? Are they near the Eagle exit? That's where Tami lives.