Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trash to Treasure in my Bathroom

Its time again for another Reinvented room in my house.  My upstairs bathroom sports two 'reinvented' items and one repurposed item.  Pretty good for the original bathroom built into a house built in 1894 with plumbing, eh? It is only 4 feet by 8 feet.  It was the first house built with plumbing in my small town.  There were problems though, as the reservoir was not high enough in altitude to accomplish water pressure sufficient to get water to this second story bathroom.  They had to build a cistern and pump the water to the attic to accomplish the magic of turning a handle and 'voila'!!

This little cupboard is my favorite.  As you can probably tell it is made from the cabinet of an antique 'kitchen' clock, popular in the 1880's.  This one was not working and was missing the door, so I ripped out the works, much of which was screwed, nailed and bolted into place.  I added the shelves, and paint and there you have it.  It is supported by a non matching clock shelf of the same period.

If you have a good eye you probably noticed that the crown on this mirror is a different scale than the rest.  Yep, the crown was missing when I bought it at a yard sale for $5.  But I am an old furniture element collector and added the crown from something else.  Not a perfect match, but perfect for the 'shabby' look I love.

See how much it doesn't match in scale?

This is an old bathroom cabinet that I really just painted.  It has a wonderful crackled finish I didn't want to loose so I just painted lightly to add the blue detail.  The wonderful flower detail went on like a dream, showing the crackling right through the flowers.

Last of all, this is the old passenger train luggage rack that I use for my towels.  When your bathroom is this tiny, it takes creativity to fit it all in.

So that was my bathroom tour, hope you all enjoyed it, and saw something that sparked your own creative juices!!

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  1. I love your upstairs bathroom Paula...I always find an "excuse" to go in there. LOL! Gee, where did you get all of those lovely little china posies...aren't they nice! (*_*) xo