Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bargain Banner at the Acorn Antique Show!

 At the Walter Larsen Show last month, Bruce and I discussed having a discount shelf at Antique Shows, especially in the late fall through early spring when we don't really have a good place (like flea.o.logy) to close out inventory.  I decided it would be fun to have a sign to draw attention to our discounted shelves, and found this great old pointing finger on Graphics Fairy.

Then, using an 8 by 8 inch pad of coordinated scrap book papers, I made simple pennant flags spelling 'cheap' and used the pointing fingers on the two ends.

Here you can see the banner in place on the sale shelf at the Acorn Antique show at the Weber County Fair Grounds this past weekend.
 Below are some other pictures of our booth set up for this show.

 I love this old Raggedy Ann and Andy set.  The set of books next to them are four books by Louisa May Alcott that were printed in the 1880's.

 These various Victorian pink luster pieces were from my own collection.  The remaining pieces are now headed for Treasures Antiques in Springville.

 This is just a general shot of the front of our booth.

 This sweet garden corner of the booth kept changing all day as one item after another sold.  The sconce, chair and a couple of the paintings sold ... but the nice columns and sweet screen door will likely be for sale at our first indoor flea.o.logy sale in January.  Read more about this sale here
I am not sure if the pennant banner made a difference or not, but both Bruce and I sold several items from the shelves and have decided to continue having a discounted area in the future!

The sale was a lot of fun, and I will be blogging later about the other wonderful dealers at the show in the near future.  If you live in Utah and have not gone to the Acorn Antique Show in the past, you may want to rethink that choice.  The next show will be February 18th and 19th, so you may want to make a note of that.

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  1. Very cute banner for your booth. Love that "finger" of Karen's at GF!

    Visiting from BRAG MONDAY at GraphicsFairy today with smiles,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois