Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christ the Lord is King! Our Black and White Tribute Christmas Tree

 Yes, its almost time for the Holidays!!  But our 'We Can' Service group has been making Christmas ornaments for our Festival of Trees (Primary Children's Hospital Fund Raiser) since April.  We have met together three different times to make ornaments.  

   The top ornaments are made from a great Graphics Fairy image.  I found the crown I wanted and made it narrower, thus a better fit for the round button, then I cut off the cross on the top. (Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  to which most of the members of 'We Can' belong, don't use the symbol of the cross, rather we focus on the Living Christ.) We then used columns of New Testament Text accordion folded to form the rosette.  The other ornaments shown here also use pages of the New Testament.  After all we are celebrating the 'Prince of Peace', and the 'King of Kings' in the decoration of our Christmas tree this year.

These ornaments, made with Nativity silhouettes, started with lids off cans (using the smooth, not sharp edge can lid cutters) that were then spray painted black.  A circle cutter was set to the right dimension so that the silhouette could be placed into the top of the can lid leaving a black outline around it.  Trim was glued to the back with Tacky Glue.
 Here are some pictures of the ladies making ornaments.  I do have to admit that tearing pages from the scriptures was hard for all of us, and we just had to remind ourselves that we were doing it to honor Jesus Christ, whose birthday we are celebrating.

Other embellishments on our Black Tree will include large banners that proclaim phrases from the scriptures and hymns such as "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords"  We will also hang paperboard silver crowns and doves with small word strips that say "Prince of Peace."

We will be setting up our 8 foot black tree with black and white ornaments and a quilted Amish Pattern tree skirt on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  On Tuesday individuals and corporations will bid on the Trees. The Festival of Trees will then be open to the public on Wednesday through Saturday.  100% of the money raised will go for charity care at the hospital.  The Festival of Trees is run entirely by volunteers, and includes a gift shop with locally hand made items that have also been donated.

 I will be sure to update you all with pictures of the finished tree soon after that.  Thanks for coming along and helping us celebrate the fact that our older brother Jesus Christ is the Reason for the Season!!


  1. Busy as a bee as usual Paula! Those ornaments are just great! I plan on going to the Festival of Trees...I love it! I must admit though...I'm not sure if I could have torn up those pages...I would have had a very hard time doing that too!, but I get why you did it! (*_*) xo

  2. Great~ I followed the Graphics Fairy to your site. I am very new to blogging, so I don't know much about it. I am also Christian and I just wanted to say that "Thank You" for expressing your love for JESUS~

  3. Paula, that tree is going to be stunning. What a wonderful idea it is. I am hoping to go up and see it in person.

    Hope you are well my friend,