Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorating With Birds without Even Trying.

Have you ever started collecting something without realizing it, or even making a conscious decision?  That is how it is with me and birds, bird houses and conservatories. This is my kitchen window shelf.  It is full of birds and fairies.  This great conservatory box was a gift  
 from my husband.   The bird cages I collected all summer at estate sales and second hand stores just because I love wire and found them charming.  It all kind of came together as a garden theme window which makes me happy especially now that its winter.
This sweet fairy nest, complete with a bird, was gift from a dear friend.


 Another friend gave me the bird's nest to the left.  She and her family came home from vacation a year ago last summer to find that a robin had made a nest and laid its eggs on a ledge on her front porch.  After her family reoccupied the house therobin thought better of her plans and abandoned the nest. 
She showed it to the children in her preschool, and was going to throw it away.  I thought it was too precious and claimed it for another conservatory box.  The bird's nest in the bell jar was one I found in a tree after the leaves fell, and my preshool teacher friend, who also has chickens, gave me the tiny eggs from a miniature breed.  I added the fairies to the display, thinking that maybe, after all, that is where fairies come from, I mean they do have wings.

I guess sometimes we just feather our nests with things that feel right.  The thought of birds is cheerful and friendly, and when bird memorabilia brings with it thoughts of lovely friends, so much the better.  Thanks Jenn and LaVern for helping me wing my way through the winter with happy thoughts of spring.


  1. When I came home after that year of caring for mama, I was cleaning out my oak chest. A mouse had built herself a nest *inside* the bird's nest in the drawer. Her nest was made from the down from a milkweed pod. Which she'd also brought: the whole pod. Felt like a gift, lol!

  2. Ooooooooooh all looks just lovely! Leave it to you to spruce things up over and over again! (*_*) xo

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