Monday, January 9, 2012

Paper Flower Wreath and Glass Glitter Tutorial!

I loved my project this past week.  I actually was shown how to make these awesome paper flowers by a a friendly woman at Festival of Trees in November, quick concept, but very, very time consuming.

My friend Wendy and I got together and spent the afternoon making these paper flowers (out of the pages of an antique dictionary) while watching Love Actually, a movie I adore (The cleaned up PG-ish version of course).  It took another three hours to finish it up, but I love the spartan look.  Of course I don't always want spartan, and this wreath lends itself to embellishments.  Let try a couple.

Here's the wreath all dressed up for Valentines.  Change the sparkly shreds to robin's egg blue and it would be a great way to welcome spring!!
This is my personal favorite, and is perfect to  'Ring in the New Year', or to use in a steampunk display.  The clock face was one of several available on Karen's great free graphics blog.  I choose this one because I thought the black background would be a great compliment to the overall 'gray' look one gets when using text. 

Another great thing about this project is that it was the first time I got to use my homemade glass glitter.  I love glass glitter, but was running low on my supply and didn't want to wait for more to arrive by mail.  (I have yet to find a local craft store that carries it.)  I was thinking that if I could just find some super thin glass, I could probably find a way to grind it fine enough for glitter.  The thin glass thought led to those silver ornaments  (remember a few weeks ago when I accidentally 'washed' the color from some vintage ornaments?) I had piled into my antique punch bowl along with pink ones for my center piece for Christmas.  I got on line and searched for 'home made glass glitter', and got some hints, though not an actual description from someone who had done it.  I doubled bagged (Zip lock) a couple of my great old silver ornaments, then smacked them with my rolling pin before rolling and rolling and rolling the shards into glitter.  The plastic allows you to see how small the bits are getting, which is helpful.  I did find that I would not be able to use the rolling pin for food again, however, as there was one tiny shard that cut through the bag and embedded itself in the rolling pin.  I grabbed a sharpie and 'christened' it my 'glass glitter rolling pin'.

This close up shot shows the glass glitter on the hands of the clock and around the outer edge of the clock face, but it is hard to have it 'show up' in a picture.

I am loving my clock wreath, and I am considering using it on a mantel with a few steampunked goodies, so if you enjoy steampunk, stay tuned.  It is also fun to know that with some hot glue I can change and customize my wreath for other seasons, holidays and events.


  1. Pollyanna- very creative, as usual. GF parties are always so fun because I can always count on you coming thru with another terrific project or two! :D

    Visiting from GraphicsFairy's BRAG MONDAY,
    From NW Illinois,
    Suzanne At WhyCuzICan

  2. Like the various looks & suggestions