Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Boutique with the Reclaimologists ROCCs

 This past weekend I participated in yet another Vintage Sale!  This time with the Reclaimologist group that I belong too.

The Reclaimologist and Other Crafty Chicks, or ROCC is a facebook group, where we sell vintage and up cycled goodies to locals.

 We also do two boutiques a year, this one was our Fall Extravaganza ...  There were so, so many customers, all happy to spend a drifted leaf autumn day browsing through our wonderful vintage goodies.

These pictures are all shots of my booth.  Its fun to see the pictures now that so many of the items have gone off to find new homes ... the multi drawer cabinet has gone to live with a lady who does essential oils ... they come in tiny bottles ... won't this be a fun way to control her inventory?  I love it!

 The  vintage wooden truck, made with love, has sat for sale in one of my booths at Treasures Antiques for years ... this year it almost got donated to a local charity.  I had it in my hands ready to be put in a cart full of hopeless donations, when the idea of making it into a 'tree farm' truck struck ...  It now has a new home and will house a vintage miniature pine tree collection!

 I did a small corner of romantic items ... so popular when I was loving the Paris Apartment look ... not so much anymore, not one item among them sold ...

And the sock monkeys were undiminished as well.

I did find homes for some fun patterned Reader's Digest books, though ... and the blue chair, though much admired, will be going to Treasures this coming week.

This is the Christmas goodies corner .... lots of fun and funky vintage.

 Unfortunately the wagon and deer were sent to separate homes, but the main thing is they did GO.  The lady who bought the miniature 1950's wagon, said she's been looking for one for 5 years ... she was picky, she wanted only vintage.

The irony is that the lady I bought the wagon from came along and bought the deer from me ... of course in this business that happens a lot!

 None of my awesome vintage large frames so ... I had them priced from $20 to $40, but the girl across the isle had hers for half that  .... alas, that happens some times.

A few of the milk glass vases found new homes, but the rest will make the trek back to Treasures, where they are for sale in my 'White Booth', for $3 to $5.
 ... and last of all the fun romantic picnic basket went to a family that is using it for a wedding reception display ... complete with all white plates, tablecloth, napkins, candles, silver plate silverware, goblets and a 'love potion' wine bottle in a vintage white tin picnic basket from the 50's!!

One super fun thing that happened is that one of my awesome blog followers stopped by and introduced herself.   Meet Randi Buck!!  I love it when this happens, so if you are local and come to one of my events, please let me know!!  

It was an amazing show, one of the most lucrative vintage shows I have done in years!!  I hope you've enjoyed your peeks at my booth, and later this week I hope to share a couple of other booths that I really liked!

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