Monday, November 3, 2014

The Doll House Festival in Provo

 A couple of weeks ago, I got to go to the doll house festival with a couple of gals from We Can, a service group I belong too.

I love doll house, in fact all things miniature ...
 The money made at the festival every year goes to Children's Justice Center in Provo to pay for therapy for children who have been abused.  Its such  a great charity, heart breaking as it is that there is a need for it.
 The gal that did these two individual room scenes always does them in lavender, because that's her last name .... unfortunately I don't love lavender ...
 Isn't this kitchen scene adorable?  I love them.  I actually bid on and won a doll house this year ... it was a La La Loopsy house, that I gave to my two granddaughters who love La La Loopsy, I just didn't get a picture of it.  But they love it!!  Next year I need to buy a boy theme doll house, because I have a four year old grand son who loves to play in my doll house.
Here I am with Carolyn and K.D., clearly I did not get the memo on what we were all going to wear ... but we all had a great time!! 

 If you are local, you will want to watch for the Doll House Festival at the Marriot in Provo next year.  It will start on Thursday the Eighth with a donation per plate Masquerade ball, then on Friday and Saturday you can see the doll houses and bid on them!! 

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