Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snowman Head Cheapo Crafting

 I had a chance to teach a craft class recently, and decided to make snowmen heads.

They are super cheap and simple to make.  Start with a crumpled piece of newspaper the size of a largish snowball.

Tape it in place, then paper mache over it with one coat.  Let it dry, then make the next coat with white paper.

While waiting for them to dry you can make noses and bits of coal out of sculpy.  You can make the noses around a bit of wire to make them stronger, then bake at a low heat as directed.

Next you paint the dried balls with white glue, slightly thinned, and roll them in clear glitter.

We made accordion folded collars, and top hats or conical party hats.  Glue the finished head to a candle stick or rusty bed spring.

This is the snowman one of my students made.

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  1. super cute, Paula. I love making snowman heads...their faces are so simple to do which is a big plus if you are me and have litte to no painting skills. =D