Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spooky Halloween Porch

 Yikes, today is Halloween, and its my last chance to show you my spooky porch decor ...

One big change is that I painted my front door black!  Eventually all the trim on our house will be black.  I love the contrast!  I told a friend that its obvious that I love Halloween, because I plan to live in an orange and black house full time!!

Since the look of the rest of the porch is so simple, and so not fru fru, I tried to think of a door decoration that would be unpretentious, but fun.

With that in mind I made this simple wreath out of dollar store skeletons ... I used a hanger wire to hold them in the round form, and wired the skeletons wrists to ankles, then around the hanger wire.

When I was forming it, I felt a little cruel, and had to remind myself they are plastic ... and after all they just kept smiling! ;-)

The pumpkins in the birdcage is a hold over from years past, though I did paint the rusty bird cage black for a starker contrast.

I am still loving my stacked painted bench/stools ... and the new black gingham chair pads.  I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!  


  1. So glad you took time to share Paula. I love the stacked stools also. The black and orange combo looks great. Laughed about feeling a little cruel forming the wreath. Yup, those guys just keep on smiling and so did I! Happy Halloween!!

  2. You have the perfect porch (and house) for Halloween. Also loved your witches tea. So fun! Mimi