Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lovely Witches at the Witches' Tea Party

The week of Halloween has arrived, and what better way to welcome it than with a witches' tea party!!  These are four of the fourteen wonderful witches who came to share the fun!

 The tables are set ...

The chicken and cream cheese rolls have on their best smiles ...

Upside down witch cupcakes are all ready (compliments of my friend LaVern) for the dessert course ... and my friend Carolyn brought some fun witches' finger bread sticks, which I didn't get a picture of before they were utterly consumed!

The Halloween lights are on and shining brightly ...

 So let the witching hour begin!  Left to right are Ann, Ginny, Andrea, LaVern, Cristie, Adrienne, Margaret, Shirley, Carolyn and Patti!  
After the tea it was crafty time.  Our craft was sort of like our girlhood occupations of dressing our Barbies from Mom's scrap basket ... but in this case it was actually ....

skeletons, who had been 'chilled to the bone', so we set out to dress them, if not warmly, at least festively ... here are three of the finished darlings.

Patti's was the one in the middle.

More festive spooks .... the one on the left was made by my granddaughter Eva ... (without help)

Margaret shows off her handy work.

Eva and Margaret's skeleton friends posed again, to keep the third skeleton company.
 Three more models posing, only these models are not of the 'skin and bones' variety, just the bones.

... and then its time for those parting shots.

Loved the colorful costume that Terri wore ... in fact I loved it so much she won the award for the best witch costume.  I also Loved my friend Ginny's 'Doctor Trelawney'. 

Here are my two cute daughter, Ashley and Darby, along with Eva, showing off their bewitching nails ...
 ... and here is Adrienne, who helped everyone add some spooky glam to their hands, as my favorite Jamberry consultant.
I didn't get a picture of anyone's 'jams', so I thought I would share this picture of mine from a couple of weeks ago!  Can you tell I love Jamberry?!    If you want to have fun too, you can check out her  web page. 

 Margaret won the best shoes award ...
... and here I am with my favorite little witch .... Eva loves to dress up as much as I do ... and she loves crafting too, so how could I not include her at my favorite party of the year!!

... and just because I know Shirley might actually read this blog post I thought I would share the adorable pennant she brought for me!!  I LOVE it!  There were more goodies too, but the very best part of a witches party is always gathering with like minded ladies who love to have fun!!

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a spooky goodnight!


  1. I keep trying to leave comments and they aren't showing up... So hopefully you don't get a bunch of the same comment from me...
    I was so excited you invited me again! And thank you SO much for making me my own special meal!!
    I sure love you lots and lots!!

  2. I had such a good time! I was thrilled to be invited and get to see your beautiful old house decked out in Halloween glory! I love how some of your pictures look like we were dining by candlelight. Thank you, Paula!