Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Vintage Booth Displays at 3 Dotters Vintage!

 Here we are!!  After weeks of projects, buying, painting, gathering, cleaning, fixing, selecting, loading, cramming, unloading, displaying, coordinating and tucking away our booths are setup, the doors are opening and its Show Time at the first 3 Dotters Vintage Sale!  Above is Jenn, the show owners, booth!

 Here is our booth, all ready to go!  My daughter-in-law, Nell, who is also my flea.o.logy partner, and I got it all set up in record time Friday afternoon.

 I loved this spool shelf, the minute I saw it and knew it would be perfect with pumpkins on each shelf.

Its probably depression era, when people were so creative above providing for themselves from what they had on hand.  The stacked and glued spools end up looking like turned wood, but how much sewing did you have to do to accumulate that many spools?

World globes are still a hot commodity here, I sold a total of 5, and took home just one!

 Ranae Z, who is one of my flea.o.logy dealers had built this wonderful new booth structure.  She had two large black board corners that her sister came and did chalk board art on .... I thought it was all amazing!!
  Keith, another dealer at Treasures with me, put together these fun half doll and flower frog dolls to take to the show.  Keith set up next to me and was my booth watcher, when I felt the urge to go shopping ... which actually happens quite a lot!

 He took lots and lots of crafty smalls, and his booth was packed solid all day!!
This is a view of his entire set up.

 Down a ways, was Vicki and her sister, who are both dealers at Treasures as well!
 I love the flea bit business name.

 ... and then there is 2 Pits of a Pear. You may remember them from my flea.o.logy posts.  They have an amazing two door trailer that they bring to flea.o.logy to show off their amazing vintage goodness!

 I always love their creative genius!!

Debbie is a chalk paint dealer, and has lots of amazing painted furniture and crafts for sale .... I met Debbie in my Reclaimologist and Other Crafty Chicks group, that I will here after call ROCC (Rock)..

 Jeff, who is also a dealer at Treasures, and a ROCC (Crafty Chick ha ha) and a sometime flea.o.logy dealers , brought some wonderful salvage, and I wish I'd thought to take a picture of the amazing metal flat dolly that he had fitted with glass for a coffee table .... yummy!

 Jennine, another talented flea.o.logy dealer, brought this hungry haunting pair, as well as ...
 This amazing Dead and Breakfast sign, my favorite.

Of course for me, the social being that I am ... running into good friends and associates is always the very best part ...  Here I am with Julie, who works with me at Treasures.  She had to work that day, so she just had an hour to check out the amazing vintage goodness that was the 3 Dotters sale!!
 Meeting Denise was a high light ... she is a new member of ROCC, and though we met last summer at an estate sale and spoke for a moment, we didn't realize we were ROCC sisters until later ... You may recall she scored an extensive all white ironstone dinner set ... that I coveted while she wrapped it up!

 Here I am with Patty, a book club friend, and her friend (mine too) Laurie who is also a dealer at Treasures. (You can check out Laurie's amazing home decor here.)
 ... and this is one of the Miss Fitts .... love these girls.  There are three of them, their maiden name is Fitt and they are some of the most talented people I know.  The lovely witch's hat fascinator I am wearing here, is one of their creations ... yep, the temptation was too much, and I thought it would be perfect for my witch's party at the end of the month...

Stay tuned, I have another vintage show the beginning of November.  Now I am off to hunt and gather and paint ... for the Reclaimologist and Other Crafty Chicks event in Spanish Fork!


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