Thursday, October 9, 2014

Roses and Rust - Boise! And Trailer Rally Too!

 Sorry to be so long in sharing the pictures I promised from the Roses and Rust show I attended in Boise a couple of weeks ago.  But here they are now.  

I loved this hen house, fun and stylish, don't you think?
 Here is the sign for their show!

 This booth by Sparrow Nest was one of my favorites!

These girls and fun altered art, shabby chic and the most wonderful 'stained glass windows', which they had crafted ... I actually looked close at the windows and thought they were the real deal, such an amazing artist. 

 Note the stained glass windows in the picture above.  I also loved the hand painted art ... and doesn't that bed look so inviting?

 The sale was also advertised as a trailer rally and included three furnished trailers ... all were wonderful and I got interior shots of two, including this one by Miss Gracie.

 .... This almost tempts me to go glamping ...

 Our first trailer artist!

 This trailer was done by Gatherings, a vintage shabby decor store out of Garden City, Idaho.  It had such  a Gypsy caravan feel!!

 This adorable trailer was brought up from Utah by a dealer at Vine Street Antiques ... sorry I didn't catch the name.

A local shop in Boise brought in all these vintage and antiques bits and pieces ... several Utah dealers I saw there were wishing we had such a store in Utah.  I guess this guy came out of the east at one time, and knows the ropes for gathering these goodies ... Lucky Idahoans ..

I love vintage and antique hard ware!

This chenille upholstered couch is one of my favorite items at the show .... so utterly charming!!

Of course white goodness always catches my eye and there were several booths with white areas!

 This chest of drawers was another item that sold fast.  I think it is absolutely the most charming piece of wood I saw at the show!!

 Another cute vignette by Miss Gracie.

 Above is an amazing steampunked table that was the first item to sell at the show .... isn't it awesome?

The old truck door to the right had to be the best dealer sign that I have seen,  how clever is that?

 The dealer above is definitely the best dressed and tressed, I loved her outfit and bought the most amazing 1920's flapper head band ever in her booth!!

There were a lot of Utah dealers there, which was a fun surprise.  Cathie Cox of Fleattitude had brought the organizer of the Roses and Rust show to my last flea.o.logy and introduced her to my dealers.  I am sure that Cathie introduced her to other Utah Vintage Business Owners as well, because we were all there in force.  Here I am shown with Marci, who works and sells at Vine Street Antiques .... (She's my Steampunk devotee) 
... this is a group shot of the Utah dealers I was able to gather at one point, represented here are Vine Street Antiques, C and H Co-op, Just a Bed of Roses, Pick It Vintage, Fleattitude, Treasures Antiques, Two Old Crows and a Coot, and of course flea.o.logy!!  What a great way to have a reunion!  

Thanks for coming along to share the picking fun in Idaho, at a great show ... I definitely plan to return!

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