Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Autumn and Halloween Decorated Houses

 Just thought I would take a minute and share some of the Autumn and Halloween decor I've been 'collecting' on my walks the last month.

Loved the stacked pumpkins!
Ghosts in windows are always fun!

 Pumpkins make for easy decor ... I need to plant more next year!

I've enjoyed seeing doors wrapped this year!

I thought this porch was cute, and loved how she incorporated her blue chair! Perfect!
Here's a nice traditional treatment ...

Monsters in the window this time!

 More pumpkin and gourd fun ... this cart was full of flowers this summer, what a fun and quick changeover.

 But this is hands down my favorite decor of the year ...  The archway made of doors is charming all by itself, but here it is with Halloween decor.

This house is always charming, and the front door has orange trim and posts, so maybe the people who live here are huge fans of Halloween like I am.
 I hope you are enjoying the Halloween decor in your neighborhood too!

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