Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Vintage Whites Market Comes to Town!

Yeah, the day of Vintage Whites finally came!!  It's just once a year here in Utah, and I look forward to it! 

Here I am with the show organizers Vanessa and Jana.   It was a bit like meeting the Queen! (queens of Vintage Awesomeness  that is!)
The line goes on forever, but Wendy and I arrived an hour and a half early, so we were close to the front. ! 

These girls were two and a half hours early and were first to arrive!!  The first fifty in line got great swag bags!

Besides the obvious treasure hunting, fun. meeting up with old friends is nearly as good!  Here Wendy and I reunite with Jenn with whom we attended Farm Chicks 4 years ago!! 

Of course I always love Jenn's set up  

and there were fresh cut flowers being sold from the back of an old pickup! 

Here is Vicki from Treasures Antiques where I work.  Her displays always look amazing as well!! 

Clam and Margo's space was also stellar!! 

And I got to meet Michele of  Michele Miller Craft!!  She had the best collection of store sign letters EVER! 

So just add old friends and new friends into the vintage goods mix and it becomes a perfect day!! 
Did I mention the photo booth?? 

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