Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy 111th to Dr. Theordore Suess Geisel; A Birthday Party!

 Did you know that Dr. Suess just had the 111th anniversary of his birth!
 So naturally being the former Elementary School Teacher, and lover of all things Suess that I am ...
 I knew that I  needed to have a Dr. Suess Birthday Party!

 Putting together the menu for our Suess Bash was a lot of fun, though most of Suessish foods I ran into on Pinterest were for toddler parties ,,, I eventually put together a full, if funky, menu for the party.

Green Eggs and Ham
Who Hash
Poodle Noodles
Red Fish Blue Fish Jello Cups
Better Butter Battle Bagels with Butter, of course.
Truffula Trees (That actually looked a lot like brocolli)
with a Dr Suess Birthday Cake for dessert

 Take all that prep and add some loved ones and you have ... a party never to be forgotten.

 After dinner it was time for the entertainment ...  I'd asked a few of my guests to be prepared to read a book with gusto.  Trevor read the Star Bellied Sneeches, adopting an awesome Scottish Accent for Sylvester McMonkey McBean.
 Eva read Green Eggs and Ham, with as much gusto as humanly possible!
 Then our family friend, Steve, read his signed first edition of Happy Birthday to you ... you can see that my grandson Zach is entranced by the story.
 Here is the signature to Steve's Grandfather, who was a personal friend of Theodore Suess Geisel.
 ... so now its time to sing happy birthday to our literary friend and cut the cake.

The grands had a lot of fun!! Please note the frosting cheeks!!

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