Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Glamping Made Fun and Pink!

 Here we go again! That's right I found another Glamper to share .... how fun IS this trend.  This one was done for the Grandchildren of my friend, Linda ... you saw her magical decorating a couple of years ago.  Well last year she teamed up with her daughter Shelley, and they redid this camper.  I love the scallops and hearts!

 Shelley has four little girls, 6 and under, how perfect is the little chandelier over the table and benches?

The knobs on the storage bins are just sweet!
... and according to Shelley, everything her mother touches is left with a bit of Disney!  These rhinestone buttons, grouped to form an abstract Micky, provide the tufting on the benches.

I love the pattern of oil cloth they chose for the table, which makes for easy cleanup after picnics of PB and Js!

... and is there anything sweeter than pennants flying over the bed of priness'

Shelley said that the Glamper was once a hunting camper, and knowing that, she just couldn't resist  this 'dear head' she found on Etsy!  Yep, it makes me smile too!  Thanks for coming along to see Shelley and her girls precious glamper!! For views of other glamper/trailer posts check here and here.

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