Friday, February 27, 2015

Ladies of Walden Pond Book Club Fun!

 I have belonged to this wonderful book club for some 17 years!   That means that on the fourth Thursday of each month, friends have gathered to share opinions over 200 times!!

Carol hosted our book club this month, and as you can see, she did a fabulous job.

 We had read Sarah M. Eden's 'Longing for Home', in which an old violin plays an important part.  (You can find Sarah's blog here)  Carol got out her Grandfather's violin and shared stories about her family history! 

 Carols rustic log cabin home was the perfect setting to discuss a book that was set in pioneers times in Wyoming...

... and since the main character  in the book chose to sell  homemade bread as a way to raise money, Carol made bread for our treat!  We have very creative women in this group, and we are often treated to food that was a part of the plot of the book.  What a wonderful evening was spent with old friends discussing a book that nearly everyone LOVED!   Plans were made for all to read the sequel, books were loaned hugs were given, and goodbye said .,. 

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