Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The House at Pooh Corner

This is Sherri, Sherri is a southern girl, transplanted to Utah so she could be my friend ... well, there were other reasons too, I guess, just happy she ended up here.

A few weeks ago I attended the first quilting bee and tea for this quilt, as Sherri started quilting it, a top she had started as a girl, made with pieces of prom dresses, her mother's double knit pant suit, baby dresses  and a favorite baby doll  top she wore then. She did the line drawings of the Pooh characters herself, then embroidered them with whatever she had on hand ...

Forward 45 years ... and her sister-in-law Margaret, a bonafide quilter encouraged her to finish it, and thus it began.  In this picture, taken at the fourth quilting, you can tell its been rolled a couple of times ...
 This is the banner I brought to her the first time I came to quilt, I also thought you might enjoy some pictures of the rest of her fun house.

This is the Winnie the Pooh guest room where the quilt will finally rest ... the window seat is stuffed with comfy pillows ... I can imagine Christopher Robin snuggling in with a book and his favorite bear!

 The book case above is filled with Pooh related books and memorabilia ... the old Pooh on the top of the case was Sherri's first.  It was bought as a gift when she was in Junior High, it was thus she was  converted to all things Pooh!  I love Pooh state of being overtly loved for many, many years.

To the left is a night stand, one of two that Sherri made from a Petticoat Dresser.   We've all seen them, with their shelves between the twin sets of drawers, and a tall mirror above the shelves, I had just never heard them called 'petticoat dressers' before, she said the cut back shelves allowed the young miss to stand close to the mirror, even in a very full skirt (think 50's circle skirts with all those stiff petticoats)  I love the name!!
 In another room she showed us this pine board floor.  Just pine 1 by 8s, screwed to the sub floor, with the screws counter sunk to allow for sanding.  It was laid 10 years ago.  At the same time she was having tongue and groove flooring laid in her own bedroom.  The workman laying that floor warned her off doing the plank floor, saying it would warp.  The funny thing is that the tongue and groove floor boards warped and bowed ... while the pine planks are as flat as the day they were laid.

 Probably my favorite part of  Sherri's charming house, with so much to love, is her secret passage way ... above one sees matching arched book cases, and never guesses that the one on the left opens to a back hall, directly across from the master bedroom.
 This is the back of the secret passage way door.  How cool is this!!
 ... and having snuck out through the secret passage, one is admitted to the master bedroom ... and this charming scene.  Thanks for sharing your amazing house Sherri!  What a fun tramp that was for us all!
P.S., just wanted to share this shaker style dresser that was made from wood pallets ... no kidding ... the ever talented Sherri, also has an amazing wood working daughter!!

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