Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweet Pink Nesting Birds Craft

... and its finally time to wish you a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow ... I hope you have fun plans, and that you are treating yourself to some love!  (Easy to do, just take the time to do whatever moves you!)

I love crafting, of course, and if I wish to indulge myself ... that is just what I do.

I thought I'd share the cute craft that we all got to do at Jenn's Cookie Exchange a couple of weeks ago.

This overtly pink goody is my version of the craft, but I thought I would show you the ones others did as well.

Above is the table Jenn prepared for her guests, full of all things crafty!

This is what one guest did with the goodies she gathered.

Still more examples ...
 We went to work in Jenn's work space, a drafting table that accommodated 5 or 6 of us at a time, with glue guns for all. 
 More fun versions of pink bird love!
It was a great craft, and it was so fun to visit while crafting!!  Hope you got to get a little crafty this Valentines season, cause its almost time to jump into spring crafting!!

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