Monday, February 9, 2015

3 Dotters Vintage Sale Does it Again!!

 I posted this picture and others in my last post about my booth at the 3 Dotters Vintage Sale last Saturday, but thought you might like to see some of the highlights of other booth spaces at the sale ...

 Above is a picture of Jenn's (the proprietor) booth, to the right is the chalk board art that welcomes one to the show ... again, as I posted in my blog post about Jenn's Cookie Exchange last week, the artist is Amanda Elton, and this is her Etsy Shop  She also does custom work.

More of Jenn's vintage goodies.

 I found this treasure in Jennine's booth, she's another favorite Flea.o.logy dealer.

Loved these great signs and displays, but didn't get to the meet the talented dealer who made them.

But definitely a woman after my own heart. 

These great lamps were in Sherri and Carla's booth.

.... and upstairs I met an Instagram friend. Karen .... you can find her Etsy Shop Here.

Ranae and Mike are responsible for this awesome chest of drawers!

 ... which brings us back to my booth ... this kind of made me giggle when I noticed it, about 2 on Saturday.  The yellow sign says "you are my sunshine", the sign below it continues the lyrics, after skipping a line, with You make me happy when skies are gray.  I promise, not on purpose.  How funny is that.

And here are a few dealer friends ... Cathie of Fleattitude, with  Kristal of Love Street Salvage that is opening a store in Salt Lake next month with lots of great vintage clothing!!
 Here are Ranae and Mike, great flea.o.logy dealers,  as lovely to have as neighbors at this sale too!

Of course Jacqueline is  always a lot of fun!  She was my next door dealer ...
 .... and having my great friend, and former flea.o.logy dealer Wendy come by really made my day!!
... and just to throw in some youth and beauty, here is Maren with her friend Kelcee, a long time Flea.o.logy dealer  .... Kelcee did Flea.o.logy with her Mom when she was a teenager.  Now she is a young mom herself, with two adorable children .... she and Maren brought flowers to this sale so that people could make their own bouquets.  I think they plan to come and do flowers at flea.o.logy too, the day before Mother's day!! 

Thanks for coming along, I hope you enjoyed seeing the displays of some really talented people.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing:) I love all the pictures you captured! Especially of The Old Post Market, since we weren't able to get very many of our space. It was great meeting you, even though we didn't make the connection till after the fact, on instagram:) till next time...

  2. Oh and thanks so much for the link to my etsy shop!!

  3. Oh and thanks so much for the link to my etsy shop!!