Friday, July 17, 2015

Chawton Gets a Pennant Banner

Long time followers will recall the building of Chawton Cottage, my back yard retreat and party spot!  We started building it three summers ago!!  It's hard to believe it's been a part of my life that long! 
This week I got a call from a local TV station producer who wants to do a segment on 'She Sheds'! (KSL Studio 5. Watch for it in August!)   Christine Ishmeal of Vintage Yard Sale Utah (a super fun face book selling site, if you're local) had recommended my cottage. 

So I decided it was time to put one of my signature pennant banners in the cottage.  Given that Chawton Cottage is the name of Jane Austen's home where her final novels were written I decided to do a banner with her name. 

I gathered card stock, ribbon, lace, wooden letters, glass glitter, book pages and pinking sheers.  The pages are torn out of, 'Gasp', an old yellowed copy of one of Austen's novels. Emma, in this case. I watch for the old novels at garage sales and second hand stores.  I've crafted with them before. You may even recall my Pride and Prejudice paper mâché mannequin. 
Here it is hanging in place!  It was super time consuming, maybe 3 hours in all. But I love it!! So it's definitely worth the time!! 

I'll be posting about my experience with the filming sometime soon!  Thanks.  

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  1. LOVE the banner! Excited to see your garden cottage on Studio 5!!!!