Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zinnia Antique Mall in Phoenix

I spent the week vacationing in Arizona with Mr P and two of my sons and their wives.  

I didn't get much time for junking, other than a few second hand stores, but I did get to spend some time at ...
an antique mall called Zinnia.  It was not surprising to see many of the same kinds of things we sell at Treasures. 
This booth with painted picture frames and a pennant banner looks like Fleaology. 
Loved the bold black and white stripes in this space. 
The painted mannequins made me smile. 
I loved this yard long picture frames filled with pictures of the same young man from about age 5 to twenty something. Unfortunately the water stains and high price were both off putting. 
I thought these candle sticks with balls were pretty cool. 
and then upstairs, in a corner, I found the home colony of mannequins ....
Then there's this display of chalk paint which just proves how Pinterest has homogenized trends across the country!! 

Thanks for coming along on this antique mall  tour!  I'm frankly not sure I'd bother with it in the future.  So if you know a better one in Phoenix that I can check out in the future, please let's know. 

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