Monday, July 13, 2015

Midsummer Fleaology

Last weekend we held our first outdoor flea of the year! 
Here are a few shots of my booth space  

Hubs and I came up with this industrial side table. 

We added wire mesh to the doors of this sweet cupboard and it sold!!

Here are a few of my 35 dealers!! dealers, this one is Lizzie! 
Darrel always has great old signs. 
This booth belongs to Rosemarie and her son Cole.  This is our tenth year and Rose has been selling with us for 8 of them.

This is cute Nikki who I work with at Treasures Antique Mall   
This is Pat!! 
My daughter-in-law Briahnna came and sold for another daughter-in-law, my partner, Nell, whose been under the weather of late! 
Here are the garden signs I made!
Here's Suzi and her goodies. 
Loved these journals made from old books. 
Here are Ginny and her brother selling their goods, her best seller was herbs she had started!!  

My friend Terry joined us for the first time!! 
Tami's booth was super fun!! 
April James of April James Interiors in Spanish Fork  joined us for the first time. She has amazing goods no matter where she sells!!
And this is Trish. She is the one who got me started. We shared a booth at an antique mall called Flamingo Road, almost twenty years ago. My part of the rent was something like $17 a month!    Oh my! 
She's been away from the business for a few years, so it's super fun to have her join us!!  
These cute girls have been shopping Fleaology from the beginning and have become good friends! Thanks Sherry and Margaret!! 
These cute former  Reclaimologists came by to find goodies and to do some catching up.  It was great to see you Amy and Denise! 
Katie of Second Hand goose also joined us for the first time!!  Love the goose, don't you!! 
... And since Payson hosts the Scottish Festival here in town the same day we do Fleaology, it's always fun to see men and women in Scottish dress, but this is a first for me!! 

After being rained out twice in May we loved the beautiful weather!!  The sale went well and everyone seemed to be having a great time!!   

Thanks for stopping by!! 


  1. Didn't get to come...had grandchildren down from Idaho Falls who wanted to go to the parade and carnival. Have set my sights on! That side table is so cool! Did you sell it?

    1. The side table didn't sale and its headed to Treasures tomorrow! Missed seeing you, but glad you're having fun with those sweet grands!!

  2. Paula, it looks like a big success. Loved seeing the shops. Have a great day.Jo

  3. Thanks Jo, it was a very successful sale for all our vendors!! The relationships are the best!! And we do have se super talented sellers!