Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Junking Sugar House!

My favorite thing next to crafting with friends is probably junking with friends!  
So yesterday a few of us met at everyone's favorite, Retro Betty's to embark. 

Sherry tried on this fun hat and it matched both her and Kim's outfits! 
I found a left over mushroom Christmas tree clip ... Hmmmm 
Next it was lunch at the Dodo!!  
Then it was Home Again, a fun consignment store in Sugar House!! 

So much to see!! 

I Loved this corner cupboard. If only I had a corner!! 

How sweet is this assemblage?  

We finished off at Afterlife Vintage, another fun retro shop, also in Sugar House. What a great day. The best of everything, friends, food and fine junk!!  

Here's hoping you'll have a chance for a fabulous girls' day out very soon!!

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