Friday, April 22, 2016

Stamping My Way to 3 Dotters.

Waiting for Hubs to come home so I can set up for 3 Dotters this weekend. Luckily I had some projects to finish up for the show.  I'd painted this caddy and jar lids and just needed to do the fun part. 
Here's the before picture. 
The canister set was also ready for embellishment. 
This is how they started out. 
The pail was blue splatter enamelware, and not very interesting.  And then, once I got stamping, nothing was safe!  
I love my vintage stamp set. They are so fun to use. 

PS if you decide to do stamping like this be sure to spray a clear finish on top to seal them or they will mostly wash off. 

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  1. Hi Paula, stamping gives so much character to a room. Your items are so great. xx Jo