Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Saying Goodbye to 3Dotters

It's hard to believe that I just finished up my last 3dotters show. I'm leaving the country in September for a year and a half and her next show is in October!  
Here are some shots of my booth. I loved the figural flower frog in a cloche jar. 
This is my white and garden area.
The baby goods area. 
The back wall is filled with Windows, wire baskets and assorted plant stands.

The blue area! 
The red area and ... 
the crafting smalls area. 
Here's the German silver glass glitter I bottled. I love this stuff especially when it tarnishes. 
This is my friend Lyn's cute booth. 
This one is Jennine's, a sometimes Fleaology dealer.  I love her style. 

Jenn of 3 Dotters  always has fun displays. 
She's a huge fan of cubbies. 
Adorable banners. I'm a fan! 
And a wagon full time of old door knobs!! YES!! 
Here's the main floor from the second floor area. 
This is my friend Jessica's booth. 
And this is Jessica after the sale loading up. Yep, this is no business for sissies. I also impressed with her ingenuity! 

Well that's my last 3dotters for a long while. I have 3 Fleaology markets, to go, including the one on May 7th!! Wish me well! 

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  1. Did you sell all your glass glitter? If not, I will buy a bottle from you at our next craft day. Your booth was wonderful!