Tuesday, May 3, 2016

North2South Vintage Market

This past weekend my friend Ann and I headed to Hoytsville on our semiannual antiqueing jaunt. 

For years we have gone to Hoytsville for a market called the Vintage Market!  I found this sweet vintage market by accident when attending an estate sale in this small town on the way to Wyoming.   
I've returned again and again because being way out in the country the prices for vintage and antique goodies were about half of what you'd pay for the same goodies in town, still it's only a half an hour or so from the south end of Foothill Drive in Salt Lake.  (This picture is of the Vintage Market) 
Last fall one of the two girls running it, Kathy, on the right in this old picture, moved out of state and that finished the fun of vintage goodness in Hoytsville, or so we thought ...
Happily the remaining partner joined up with two more talented women in the North2South Vintage Market at a new local!! 

Fortunately Teena alerted the old mailing list of the new market.  This amazing buffet was marked $125. But alas since I'm leaving the country this fall I've vowed to buy no furniture for resale, so I left it behind. 
There was so much good furniture thus priced it was so hard to it leave behind, 
however I did gather some 1960s exlibris Doctor  Suess books for a dollar each (pinch me) 
The stunning two tone 1940's drop leaf desk on the right was also $125. 
These girls have great style ! 
And mountains of goodies. 
Lots of fabulous chalk painted furniture! 
And adorable Decor bits.  
Pretty much something for everyone!! 
Teena's Frenchie corner was my favorite!! 
and what an adorable tutu banner!  How charming is that?  

Do you suspect me of sharing this hidden treasure only because I won't be here for their next 3 sales?  Then you would be correct!  To get on their mailing list for fall contact them:  the Email for north2south vintage market is maggie.judi@gmail.com 

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