Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chicken Wire Cloches

My art group had so much fun yesterday, shaping cloches out of chicken wire. 
Shirley's had wow factor with an adorable clown head. 
She even wove rick  rack through the bottom. 
I used a half doll for this smaller cloche ... 
And an old door knob for my taller one. 
Here we have fun furniture knobs like those you can get at hobby lobby.  These were done by Karen and Cathy. 
Loved Cathy's sweet hang tag. 
Jann's even has pearls!  
Joanne added a small salt shaker shaped like a topiary, charming choice!! 
Jann will be selling a few of these fun decor cloches at Fleaology this Saturday. Hope to see you there. We're expecting fine weather!! 

Here's Joanne's cloche at home in service. Isn't it adorable? 

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