Thursday, May 5, 2016

She Shed or Grandma House

Off to an all day wedding celebration so I'll quickly share pictures of my friend Jill's gramma house. I took them this morning while out walking with my friend Ginny. 
So many bits of memories. The shutters are cut down louvered doors from her childhood home. 
The wonderfully rusted corrugated steel was from her husband's father's barn!!  
The rusted star matches it perfectly. 
As does the rusted wheel! 
Patio ware completes her pastel vs rust palate. I love the effect. But then Jill is such an artist! 
The columns were spotted while walking with a friend and purchased from a lady she used to babysit for. 

Best of all this is a millstone from our small town's flour mill where her husband's grandfather worked. 

I like the weaving of memories into her sleepover cottage!  It's kind of a 3D scrapbook that guarantees grandma stories for another generation. 

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