Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jenn of 3 Dotters Garden House Tour

 I had a wonderful surprise last week.  My friend Jenn had a vintage sale, and everyone knows that Jenn has the best stuff.... but the loveliest part is that she invited me, while I was there, to sneak into the back yard and see the charming she-shed or garden house.

Jenn and I used to have a Vintage Flea Market together called Flea-o-logy, along with another talented antiquer, Cathie.  We went to Farm Chicks together once.  Later Jenn took us, and our friend Wendy to a California flea market.  Jenn always found the best stuff.
She loves vintage original florals, old cupboards and ironstone too.  And there they all are in her expansive garden house. (Her's is double the size of mine)

Stepping back you can see  more of her collection of paintings.

 Taking a picture in another direction shows even more.

The collection is charming.
She also loves the lovely art pottery flower pots from the thirties through the fifties.  I've collected them for years, but have only kept the white ones in my garden house, which has been mostly white.  I am now adding some color, so I might started adding the colored pots too.  Don't you love them?

Like most of us, Jenn has long been a fan of mannequins.  I thought the piano keyboard was a great addition to the vignette shown in one corner of her garden house.
 I saved this wonderful prefinished look upholstered couch for last.  Isn't it wonderfully charming?  I love the repurposed wood floor as well.  Her husband is a star.  He is amazing, and the best part is that he will build one for you, if you live somewhere around Utah County.  If you'd like to contact him, you can connect with her at her 3 dotters business page.

Here's a peak at the front porch of the garden house.
I hope you enjoyed your tour.

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  1. Hi Paula, Jenn told me about her garden house at one of my sales. I'm so glad that I get to see a peek inside through your eyes. Her floral art and pots are both amazing collections! Thanks for sharing it with SYC. I will be featuring it tomorrow.

  2. How fun! I'd love to have a space like that!