Monday, July 2, 2018

Kimi's Patriotic House

After our last art group, Kimi invited me to check out her latest decor.  Kim is wonderful at focusing on the season, or holiday in her decor.  I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I thought you might enjoy seeing happy red, white and blue to help you get in the mood for the Fourth of July this week.

 I adore this table.  Kimi has it out all year, but it is the star of the show in the summer.  How cute is the folded paper hat?!
 I am utterly charmed by this Betsy Ross beauty in a shadow box.  Have you ever seen anything more fun?
 Kimi mixes in circus fun with her red, white and blue.  This poster is enormous!
 She's amazing at putting together ordinary objects in a way that they add up to patriotic fun!
 Here's a bit more circus color.
 A bit of patriotic.
 Seasonal add ons.
Mixing and matching red and blue transferware will always get my attention and approval.  How sweet is the patriotic primitive doll in the antique sterilizer?
 Crowning the mirror!
What fun it is to tour Kimi's house during any season.  I hope you have enjoyed the fun!


  1. Thanks sweetie...I love that you see Joy in my neverending decorating fun!!!

  2. Her house is always so fun no matter the season! She certainly had a knack. I have her that scary clown bank. 😂