Monday, July 30, 2018

Pastel and Pretty, Vintage Wedding Bedroom

Well, here we are back in our small guestroom.  It was originally a conservatory, and has two walls full of windows.  It was the only room in the house which was furnished with a hard wood floor, in case water was spilled in the care of the plants it would not warp as readily as the softer native wood floors that were laid through out the rest of the house, in 1894 when the house was built.  The room is only 8 by 10, but I have redecorated it several times in the 20 years we've had the house.

The last time the room was redone, you can see the blog post  here it was in black and white.  While visiting our daughter in Texas in May, I found the sweet Edwardian dress in an antique store there.  It is on the right above,

 I also found this sweet 1930's embroidered bedspread at the same shop. I thought the colors would look great with the pastels of the stained glass windows.
 I also had these two sweet Edwardian era dresses tucked away and decided to redo the room.
 The desk we're using as a night stand here, belonged to my husbands Grand Father, and the white dress hanging behind it is the blessing dress that all my daughters wore.
 The wedding dress, from the late 1800s, had been for sale at the shop for several years, so I decided to bring her home, and display her next to my bride and groom collection.
The personality of the room is entirely different.  When my 6 year old granddaughter came to visit last month, she loved the 'wedding room'.  I know how she feels, I am loving it, as well.