Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding More Craft Storage Space!

I was so happy to find this nice narrow shelf at the antique mall.  Then when I found these cute tiny storage containers at the dollar store in ten packs, and they fit, I was absolutely over the moon.  See how easy it is to make me happy?

 The only problem was that I have no wall space left in my craft room.  Shelf, cubbies and storage units fill the entire space, floor to ceiling.  I even have items in front of parts of the windows.  What to do.
I found a space, by taking down another small cupboard, but this one overhung the wall by two inches ... Yuck!
Then I realized it was the same width as this behind my door storage shelf unit.  I though if we hinged it in place, it might work.
So  Mister P, add hinges at the top, so that the small shelf can be lifted to remove the items on the shelf behind it.  And with the help of gravity, the small containers on the shelf stay in place.  The bonus is that the ugly stuff, like spray paint, furniture oil and goo gone shown above, can be hidden behind the shelf.

I think the whole unit looks much better than it did before the addition of the small shelf, and now I have very workable storage for those small bits of ribbon that are so hard to have available when you only need a foot or so of trim. Thanks for coming along on my small organizing adventure ... some day this craft room will be done, at least I hope so, and I can share it with you!

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  1. Your resourcefulness amazes me! I have a lovely workshop attached to the garage with floor to ceiling shelves...but I would rather work in my kitchen. Now my stuff is encroaching into the pantry which is not what I want to happen. You are a marvel of organization!