Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Smash Book Fun!

This past week I was telling my D-I-L Nell, that I want to have a crafting event in January and do Christmas Smash books.    She showed me this Halloween book she did a few years ago, and I love it.  So simple and so fun!!

 Above is the cover of the book, which is made from three lunch sacks, with the openings alternated, and forming a pocket on those pages.  They are attached in the middle, so that there are actually 12 pages, plus pockets for more.

Lots of autumn and Halloween events were saved forever in this little book.

I think the format is perfect and plan to use it ... so local friends and followers, be sure to save lots of fun Christmas pictures, cards, tags, ribbons and wrap this year.

... and email me at patula10 at aol dot com if you are interested in coming and sharing the fun some time during the January doldrums.  It will be a chance to meet some new friends and make a really awesome memory 'bag' book!!

Many thanks to Nell for letting me share her book, and also for agreeing to come to my event  to be the 'talent'.  She's amazing!

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  1. That is just the coolest thing ever!! I made an England Smash book before there were smash books, I guess. Love the look of it, love doing it, everything about it! Beautiful. Thanks for posting about it.